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Raise Your Vibration Retreat 

It’s a real Treat of a Retreat!

Friday 21st - Sunday 23rd April 2023

I’ve invited some of my favourite life-changing 

specialist-professionals in  the fields of 


*Zhineng Qigong*

*Emotion Code*


*With 8.30pm pre-bedtime Yoga Nidra (Friday)*

*And 8.30pm pre-bedtime Sound Bath (Saturday)*

to join me in sharing in depth their knowledge and experience


During this Retreat you will get the chance to experience life changing therapists in these fields and have the unique opportunity to learn and grow from them...

Acupuncture - Jennifer Ratnayake 

The wonderful acupuncture specialist recommended by The Telegraph magazine.  With over 20 years of professional Acupuncture practice and experience.

To learn more about Acupuncture and Jennifer please visit

Laughter - Cathy Hill 

Cathy is a fixture in our GVR programmes.  Everybody loves the opportunity to remember that Laughter is our inbuilt Stress Reset Button and to become mindful of some of the ways in which we can use this free and abundant resource to raise our vibration on a daily basis. The session is packed with information and opportunities to do some real life laughter-for-no-reason. 

Zhineng Qigong and Crystal Healing - Caroline Reed 

Caroline, the Producer of the film Hidden in Plain Sight, says, 

"We’re facing a major crisis in health and medicine simply because of the lifestyle choices that we’re making. The effect of this for people, for their lives, for their health, for society and in particular for economics is going to be disastrous. We must leave no stone unturned looking for effective techniques that can get us well and keep us well. Having lost and recovered my health, I am passionate about introducing people to the preventative and healing power of Zhineng Qigong.”


Caroline’s Qigong sessions are deeply nourishing and her family background ensures that she uses her lovely voice to haunting effect.  We will experience a full Qigong session and you will have the chance to ask her questions and book a one-to-one session with her for a Crystal Healing treatment.

Emotion Code Certified Practitioner - Rozzy Secrett 

By using the body’s biofeedback mechanisms via pendulum dowser we can release negative trapped emotions and more that stops us from getting on with our lives or are causing us pain - whether inherited; from trauma; subconscious; pastille; from the Soul etc. Or by going deeper into the biology of the body to identify the underlying causes or just by releasing a heart-wall’ which was stopping us connecting to others or feeling joy.  It works!


Rozzy will need a volunteer (first come first served!) to experience this terrific treatment but will also be available for private one-to-ones on the Thursday before and the Monday after the Retreat.

Sound Bath - Carolyn Savage (Xenia)

Sound Therapist;  BA (Joint Hons);  PGCE, QTS, CELTA;  Mindfulness Educator

PL Dip Sound Therapy will give us an evening Sound Bath before bed on Saturday.  An authentic and sublime sonic experience. I was hugely impressed by Carolyn’s professionalism and openness, enabling the listener to move through a subtle and yet surprising state of calm. Ideal both for healing and as a profound experience in its own right.  To learn more about sound therapy and Carolyn visit  

Yoga Nidra - Debbie Jerome

What the bleep is Yoga Nidra?

Debbie is a Yin and Hatha yoga instructor in Somerset.  She trained with YMCAfit London in 2018 and in 2022 at the Yoga Garden in West Sussex. She says, “I am passionate about exploring the connections between movement, physiology and wellbeing. 


"I provide relaxed, inclusive yoga classes that incorporate both slow and dynamic flows with breath work, giving you the tools to connect to your body and still your mind.  My natural curiosity means I incorporate what is currently holding my own practice, authentic mindfulness and an irreverent space to be where we truly are today.


“On the Friday evening of the GVR Retreat I will be holding a one hour Yoga Nidra session. Yoga Nidra is a technique where you learn to sleep-soothe, this is especially important to improve the quality of your rest, stress management and sleep hygiene.  Think of it as an invitation to slow your mind, relax and prepare for a good night of restful sleep. It will help you - especially with regular practise - to feel refreshed, give you greater clarity and to improve your immune system.”

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