Good Vibration Retreats

With Kit Stapely & Helen Sheppard

About Kit


“You automatically manifest in your life out of the thoughts you choose to entertain and the energy they generate. Want to change your life? Change your thoughts and raise your vibration.

We will show you how”

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Is a founding Director of The Clinic at Queen Camel which offers cutting edge holistic treatments including CellSonic that she, herself, used to successfully dodge conventional cancer treatment.


First diagnosed with “incurable but treatable” Follicular Lymphoma 30 years ago Kit has long experience of pioneering unconventional ways to tackle cancer and other health challenges including epilepsy, chronic sinusitis, recurrent breast cancer as well as the Follicular Lymphoma.


The prevailing theme of her miraculous career is that of raising the vibration. She is a trained laughter therapist and author of the book ICBV, An Anthology of Laughter Quotations. She has been a Health Creation Mentor for twenty years acting as a guide to the hostile terrain of health challenges. Having used You Can Heal Your Life as a lifeline to swerve the cancer death sentence prognosis she later trained as a Heal Your Life teacher to promote the wonderful pioneering work of its author Louise L Hay. She has also qualified as a Mars Venus Relationship Coach knowing from experience the dreadful Impact relationship difficulties can have on certain people.


She believes fervently in Einstein’s observation that you cannot solve a problem with the same level of thinking that created it and in this exclusive and original Retreat with the amazing Helen Sheppard Kit seeks to help a maximum of twenty people to learn the techniques that have helped her to raise her own vibes to success levels.


There is no such thing as a universal panacea because every case is a unique blend of individual circumstances but raising your vibration is an essential first step in overcoming any challenge.

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“Sound is a carrier wave for consciousness and we can heal ourselves through the power of our own voices. When we sing together, our heartbeats synchronise."

Helen's Meditation Music

About Helen

Helen Sheppard is an expert in Voice, Music and Sound Healing.  She has a first class degree in music particularly with regards to how sound affects us on the level of mind, body and spirit. She left the music business as a writer and recording artist with Sony Music/Capitol Records (USA) and stepped into her true Spiritual Purpose.  

Helen uses both tuning forks and Tibetan bowls in her sound healing practice and offers an empowering program teaching people to use the ancient power of their own voice to heal themselves using the uniquely calibrated sound of their own vibration. Helen also attunes a piece of music to the frequency and resonance of each individual and she facilitates healing by singing through each energy centre and organ.

Helen Sheppard’s lifelong career as a musician and immersions into the art and the science of music has led to the development of her peerless and pioneering healing work using this profoundly empowering and terrifyingly destructive power of the ancient capacity to sing your life into existence.  It is ‘the path less travelled by’ and ‘this has made all the difference.


This power for healing and manifestation has a cleansing purity and integrity and is exclusively taught by Helen.

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