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Meet Kit

There have been so many health issues I have had to overcome that sometimes I think “Honestly! If I were a car I would have been built on the Friday of a 3-day weekend!"

But the massive experience I have accumulated by defying the doctors and creating the results I want has given me unique experiences, developed my sense of humour and caused me to meet and road-test some extraordinary practitioners which is very good news for YOU !

"You may think I'm crackers but you can't argue with my results."
Because over thirty years ago at the age of just forty I was diagnosed with incurable cancer. After five years of heavy-duty chemotherapy, culminating in a Stem Cell Transplant, I relapsed - again! - in less than a year.  My oncologist told me, “We have used the legal limit of every possible chemo drug except two. I can give you the balance of those drugs but it will only extend your life a little bit." He then promised me he would not let me suffer.


I had a very strong and specific motive to live so I decided that I wanted a miracle and, lacking a miracle instruction manual, I set my sights on that idea and asked everyone I knew who was praying for me to just say, 'Kit - Miracle.'

Less than a month later my miracle appeared. My oncologist explained it to me like this... "This is the Silver Bullet we have all been working for. Every cancer cell has a distinctive wrapper and that wrapper’s job is to stop things from entering the cell. They have finally cracked it. They have discovered a way to deliver the chemo poison to only one cell, the CD19-CD20 cancer cell which just happens to be your particular kind of cancer cell!"

"Wow!" I said, "See! I told you I would get a miracle!"

"I must say," he conceded gravely, "It does seem like the American Cavalry riding to the rescue at the 11th hour."

I must have been the first person in the U.K. to be given that drug (Rituximab, - then called MabThera) because it was hand-carried to London from New York by my then­ husband, Peter Hammond. Fourteen months later I relapsed again and was given a further six-week course which began on Millennium Eve. For twenty-three years there have been no further relapses.  I had learned how to defy the doctors’ reality and raise my vibration to successfully accomplish my aims. ‘Evil that good may come’, that experience has radically changed my life.  


All that chemo knocked my immune system down dramatically. And I have had to fight again and again to overcome the innate and acquired handicaps that popped up like a game of Whac-A-Mole! And what I have learned over the past thirty years about working holistically to eliminate the root causes is now dedicated to helping others to effect  miracles in their own lives.

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