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I want to say a BIG THANK You for the weekend workshop

and for your hospitality.


It was an amazing and knowledgeable experience and this very valuable. 

You are my iconic person and I am extremely grateful to Universe for letting me chance to meet you in my life!


Hi Kit, you so deserve to hear just how wonderful you are, you were my saving grace, I will never forget what you did for and with me.I am so grateful, thank you Kit.

Di I just call your home number, cos I have some free minutes to land lines on my mobile or is it a special conference call, would love to join in, but if I have to call a special rate no from my mobile it may cost a fortune? not sure though will try and investigate.

Your words are so precious to me

Lets make all of our dreams come true

Love Pat xxx

I just want to say what a wonderful person you are and how lucky I feel to know you and be able to work with you and talk with you.  You mentioned about other being critical but I think you are just about perfect!!  :)  (And you can tell Simon that’s not because you are a client - :) - but because I

truly feel you are amazing and inspiring!)

Love you lots. Alex

Thank you for a great morning and launching the first week of our years programme. There was a hard core of 6-8 members who expressed a determination not to join in at any cost, but they did in the end! Others whose concentration is normally low (30 Minutes max) stayed the course. David our heckler who has been the bane of many speakers/facilitators (including me) you dealt with great.

Mike Andrews – From Woking

The fact that Kit could take me from sobbing to discussing to sobbing to thinking to acting in less than three hours is “wow”!  I can finally see a light at the end of this tunnel and I truly do want to show up and live my life and not simply exist or want to escape is a complete breakthrough in where my headset has been for quite some time now.  I feel a sense of peace and hope and not despair, as when I first phoned.  Life is indeed precious and none of us really know just how long we have, so if we want to live we have to be proactive and show up.  Miracles really do and can happen………Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

With much love, Suzie

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